Award winning pictures

Over the past years I received more than 10,000 acceptances and have won 1,500 international photography awards from various competitions and photo salons around the world, including Prix de la Photographie Paris, Siena International Photo Award, International Color Awards.

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Winner of the Golden Pangea in Siena International Photo Awards 2018.                     

2023/06AAP Magazine ShapesHONORABLE MENTION
2023/06    Siena International Photo Awards CREATIV    COMMENDED
2023/05Vienna International Photo AwardBRONZE MEDAL
2023/05Urban Photo 2023 Awards REMARKABLE AWARD
2023/05Vienna International Photo AwardsBRONZE MEDAL
2023/02London Photography AwardsProfessional WINNER of the YEAR
2023/01 PX3 Prix de la Photography ParisHONORABLE MENTION
2022/12Annual Photography AwardsHONORABLE MENTION
2022/06    Vienna International Photo Awards 2022SILVER MEDAL
2022/03    Siena International Photo Awards CREATIV    COMMENDED
2022/01       PX3 Prix de la Photography Paris 2022        GOLD MEDAL
2022/01    Siena International Photo Awards 2022        Honorable Mention
2021/07World’s TOP 10 B&W Photo Contest 2021  GOLD MEDAL + SILVER MEDAL
2021/07IPA International Photo Awards 20212nd PLACE Architecture , Buildings
2021/05Monovisions B&W Photography Awards1e Place – BLACK & WHITE ARCHITECTURAL SERIES OF THE YEAR 
2021/03Moscow International Foto Awards (MIFA)BRONZE
2020/08Photo of the Year Photography Australia SILVER MEDAL
2020/07Monochrome Awards 2020: ArchitectureHONORABLE MENTION
2020/05PX3 Prix de la Photography Paris 2020HONORABLE MENTION
2019/12APA Annual Photo Awards 2019HONORABLE MENTION Serie Fine Art
2019/11Monochrome Awards 2019: Architecture1st Place Winner: Architecture PHOTOGRAPHER OF THE YEAR 
2019/10Siena International Photo Awards 2019SILVER PANGEA
2019/09ND Photography Awards 20191st PLACE + GOLD STAR AWARD Architecture
2019/08Photo of the Year Photography AustraliaGOLD MEDAL
2019/05PX3 Prix de la Photography Paris 2019GOLD MEDAL
2019/0514th Black&White Spider Awards3rd Place – HONOR of DISTINCTION
2019/03IPA International Photo Awards 20192nd PLACE Street
2019/03IPA International Photo Awards 20182nd PLACE
2019/03Black & White Spider Awards 20193nd PLACE
2018/10Siena International Photo Awards 2018GOLDEN PANGEA